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Bingham - 260330-1/2

First one of these I have seen. In fact I was lucky enough to find two at the same time. Built by Dan Block on a Bingham PPS50 .22 caliber rifle using a Broadhead Armory registered NFA sear. This weapon fires full auto only with a safety selector. It does not have a semi-auto mode. I took this weapon out and fired a full drum of CCI ammunition without any malfunctions. This one has nice wood and is in very good condition with the exception of a little pitting on the outer shroud here and there. I have attached a very close up jpeg of that area. It should clean up pretty easily. I have discounted the price $500 to compensate any prospective buyer. It will be supplied with three 50 round drum magazines as seen it the attached jpeg. Transferable and in stock for an E-Form transfer.

Model:   PPS50
Origin: USA / Italy
Manufacturer: Broadhead Armory / Bingham
Circa: Pre-1986
Caliber: .22 Caliber
Magazine: 30 Round Magazine / 50 Round Drum
Condition: Very Good to Excellent
Accessories: Three 50 Round Drums and Loader
NFA Status: Transferable
Inventory No. 260330-1/2
Serial No. BA-W00x / SA585X
Cash Price: SOLD